Gateway Group

Gateway Internal Fast Track Program (GIFT)

“GIFT Programme" (Gateway Internal Fast Track) - A new initiative for the Fast Track Career Development.

We at Gateway, have taken the initiative to encourage our high potential Technical Engineers who are proficient to perform and push themselves to achieve greater personal growth by climbing another step in the ladder and grow along with the organisation in every aspect.

This new initiative was introduced to encourage individual's Fast Track Growth to the next level in the ladder chain.

As a part of this process a standard, transparent and quantifiable system based on the KRA’s is defined uniformly for all the levels. Every aspired applicant goes through various evaluations including a rigorous formal meeting with the Technical Committee comprising of Technical Experts with various skills. This initiative is named “GIFT Programme (Gateway Internal Fast Track)”. Based on the evaluation grades, applicant’s capabilities and meeting KRA’s for the next role, a detailed transition plan is created and an individual is given the next role in the ladder chain.

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